How Thom Browne’s Radical Suit Found Its Way To LeBron James

by MR Magazine Staff

When Thom Browne debuted his signature shrunken suit in 2001, he had five made for himself and wore the schoolboy-size blazers and tailored shorts every day. Reactions were not promising. “The initial reception was: ‘What are you doing?’ ” Browne recalls. Needless to say, his fortunes soon changed. Now you can’t swing a Thom Browne dachshund bag in Brooklyn without hitting a grown man wearing high-water pants. But the true legacy of the Thom Browne suit may only just be coming into focus. It has become the unexpected uniform for some of the world’s biggest athletes. Literally the biggest. Check out LeBron James’s personal Thom Browne kit here. Several years ago, perhaps in a quest to solidify his rep as the NBA’s menswear classicist in a league of radically dressed Westbrooks and Hardens, James began ordering custom Thom Browne. “It happened very naturally,” Browne says. “LeBron just started buying the collection—I didn’t even know that he was, initially.” Read more at GQ.