How To Build A Race-Conscious Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion Strategy

When I joined venture capital firm GV in January as the firm’s first diversity and inclusion partner, I was excited by the opportunity to help with one of the industry’s biggest challenges: ensuring underrepresented and underestimated founders gain access to capital. Currently only 1% of VC funding goes to Black founders and 2% to Latinx founders. Women earn 26 cents for every dollar that men earn in stock assets. I knew that GV had been intentional about investments in underrepresented founders (including $200 million invested in Black, Latinx, and women founders in the previous 18 months) and that they were working to improve diversity across internal teams. I was hired to help steer these efforts, expand investor networks, and coach GV portfolio companies on diversity-related issues. I was eager to get started. Read more at Fast Company.