How To Improve Your Omnichannel Retail Strategy

by Stephen Garner

When a consumer is faced with the decision to upgrade to a new smartphone, tablet, computer or accessory, it can be a laborious and pricy one. Often, the condition of a consumer’s current device will urge them to pursue new releases whether for business use, personal use or a bit of both. At Phobio, we discovered when it comes to trading in a device, most of our customers tend to start their trade through one channel and finish it through another. For example, a customer looking to purchase a new mobile device may bring in their current phone to a store and realize they have music, photos and contacts that will need to be backed up before handing over that old device for good. In this situation, even though a customer started their transaction at a brick-and-mortar location, they will complete backing up their phone and their trade-in process online and then finish by scheduling a pick up for their phone or bring it back into the physical location. Read more at Forbes.