How To Increase Engagement In Millennial Retail Workers

by MR Magazine Staff

Internal communication within a retail company can be a challenge. With remote workers and a dispersed workforce, it can be tough to measure the engagement of communications. Especially in retail, I believe the way employees communicate with each other within an organization is likely to be reflected in how they interact with customers. In 2016, millennials passed Generation X and baby boomers as the largest generation within the labor force, totaling 56 million. Millennials continue to experience a rapid evolution of communication through technology, particularly workplace technology such as Slack and Skype for Business, and artificial intelligence-powered chatbots such as Drift. According to Statista, the total number of emails sent and received per day is expected to top 333 billion in 2022. Meanwhile, Slack surveyed 1,629 of its paid users, who reported an average 48.6% reduction in email thanks to the service. Almost 80% of the participants said Slack improved transparency and office culture. Read more at Forbes.