How To Indulge In “Quiet Luxury” Without Looking Boring

As logo-heavy streetwear begins to fall out of vogue in exchange for calmer looks from brands like Aimé Leon Dore or Fear of God, the “quiet luxury” trend has gained steam. The best way to understand quiet luxury is to just imagine all the basic garments you could cop for under $100 at Uniqlo and then add a couple extra zeros to the price tag. In short, quiet luxury is essentially overpriced basics for the 1 percent. Think $6,000 sweatpants made out of wool or monotone cashmere hoodies priced at $2,000. When it comes to quiet luxury, you’re supposedly paying a hefty sum for the quality and feel of a garment handcrafted with top tier fabrics that are not widely available. But to keep it real, absolutely no one is going to think your style elevated to another dimension if you choose to wear a logoless $1,000 baseball cap versus a $50 one. But if you pride yourself on spending exorbitant amounts of money on something you personally know is ridiculously expensive, quiet luxury is perfect for you. Read more at Complex.