How To Wear A Tracksuit, From Streetwear To Haute Couture

by MR Magazine Staff

In hindsight, this was inevitable. Ever since Mad Vlad Putin was snapped pumping iron in a pair of £2,000 Loro Piana joggers, we’ve been moving inexorably to the day when men could wear matchy-matchy sportswear for activities other than rolling snitches into the East River. To Armie Hammer in Adidas Originals, 2 Chainz in full-look Gucci and Alex Turner in his bespoke, baby blue number from Aussie designer Ray Brown. It’s a weird and wonderful world, but we’re onboard. Menswear offers up its share of ridiculous trends, but few that have comfort so baked in. And as with almost everything we wear these days, you can thank rap for that. “The tracksuit trend partly stems from the rise of the word ‘cozy’ as an adjective in terms of a clothing aesthetic, from around 2013 onwards,” says Andrew Brines, buyer at Oki-Ni. Read more at Fashion Beans.