How Traditional Teen Apparel Brands Went Out Of Style

There came a time when teens clad in low-rise jeans and T-shirts with giant logos from the likes of Express, Gap, and Abercrombie & Fitch filled every high school classroom in America. That point in time, however, is not 2021. As of spring, some of the most popular brands for young consumers back then are now ones teens say they no longer use, according to a survey from Piper Sandler. Express, Gap, and Abercrombie & Fitch were three of the top brands teens preferred in 2001, according to Piper Sandler. Gap and Abercrombie have, for nearly a decade, been ranked among brands male and female upper-income teens no longer wear. Though Express hasn’t been on the undesired list in recent years, it hasn’t been in the best standing either, with its ongoing store reduction and its third-place ranking in S&P Global Market Intelligence’s “Most Vulnerable U.S. Retailers” list as of Aug. 16. Read more at Retail Dive.