How Will Consumers Make Sense Of Wearable Technology?

by MR Magazine Staff

Wearable technology has become a buzzword among marketers, consumers and well-being gurus. Forbes projects that the wearables market will grow to $34 billion by 2020. But what exactly is wearable technology? The devices now flooding the market offer varied functionality – from activity tracking to mobile connectivity to medical monitoring. The Fitbit tracker, Apple smartwatch, Tambour Horizon smartwatch by Louis Vuitton and Sano’s glucose monitoring patch are all, technically, wearable technology. We are also seeing new products and vendors entering the wearable technology market, including fashion icons like Fossil along with their sub-brands and emerging companies like BBK and Li-Ning, that tap into niche segments of the wearables market. Fossil sells a luxury/fashion device, while BBK focuses on child-monitoring devices, and Li-Ning offers step-counting shoes. Read more at Forbes.