I Went To Fashion Week In The Metaverse

The day before covering a fashion week in virtual reality felt much like the day before any industry event, only instead of renting outfits and planning travel routes, I was downloading Google Chrome extensions and over-thinking the creation of my digital avatar. (I played it safe in the end, pairing my natural hair and eye color with a cute nautical-inspired top and one raised eyebrow for a permanently skeptical expression.)

I was preparing to attend a week-long virtual fashion event in the metaverse: a network of unique digital worlds that has grabbed the fashion world’s attention. Industry title The Business of Fashion has projected it will be the “next goldmine,” as young consumers continue to tunnel deeper into virtual reality (81% of Gen-Z played video games in the past six months, according to the title’s “State of Fashion” report which also recorded the younger generation already spends an average of 7.3 hours per week in virtual worlds). Read more at CNN.