by Stephen Garner

Iceberg’s spring/summer 2021 menswear collection focuses on self-care and discovery this season.

“This collection is about optimism and coming together, in an uncertain age,” said Iceberg creative director James Long, who divided the menswear lineup into three core sections: Off Duty Logo no Logo, Extreme Sports, and Sport Safari.

Classic styles are deconstructed with weather-proof anoraks emblazoned with exaggerated pockets, utilitarian safari vests built into t-shirts and oversized parkas are outfitted with rugged, military accents such as durable buckles and a variety of utility pockets.

Long revived Iceberg’s cherished “Vernice Fresca” print detailed with elements of Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam,” the fresco that adorns the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Contemporized and revamped with a pop wet paint effect and a holiday palette of sky blue, red and white, the fabric was crafted into two-set shorts and collared shirt ensembles, as well as cotton- knit pullovers, all splashed with the celestial joining of God’s heavenly outstretched fingertip to Adam’s mortal one.

“Amid uncertain times, we really put forth a team effort, in which the entire creative staff was focused on interpreting who the Iceberg man is, in a modern age,” Long commented. “We really wanted to evoke the atmosphere of the Italian Riviera where Iceberg was founded and my own London roots.”

Iceberg also honed in on its expertise in the world of luxury sportswear unfurling an array punctuated with technical quirks like inside-out linings and intricate, 3-D intarsias woven into white cotton sweaters.

Further, pop culture references to Mickey Mouse are deconstructed onto sweatshirts and shorts — a tribute to Iceberg’s flair for incorporating kitsch details into Italian luxury sportswear.