In A Post-Pandemic World, Will Retail Ever Look The Same?

It does not take an expert to understand that retail shopping was already on a different trajectory before the pandemic, and there’s no doubt that COVID-19 has accelerated some of those changes. The average consumer understands they can have nearly any item delivered to their doorstep, typically for about the same price (and sometimes for less), by simply ordering it online. Under the current circumstances, consumers are happy to pay a premium to have exactly what they want delivered to their home in a day or two, even if that means increased delivery costs or longer wait times. The short-term benefits of offering as many flexible delivery options as possible to consumers should be obvious. More importantly, the systems are in place for this trend of consumers opting for delivery to grow substantially for many years. Retailers that respond quickly will lead the way for a new generation of commerce. Here are some insights into the current trends in retail and how they might play out on the big stage in the years to come. Read more at Forbes.