In Hypebeast Homes, Supreme Accessories Are The Hot Decor Trend

by MR Magazine Staff

What happens when streetwear-obsessed boys become streetwear-obsessed men and move out of their parents’ places and into their own apartments? While many count on Ikea — or maybe CB2 if they’ve got a little more aesthetic prowess and cash — to fill the nooks and crannies of their homes, the most hype-conscious among them often look elsewhere. In fact, they’re increasingly turning to the purveyor of their favorite T-shirts and skate decks: Supreme. Recent collections from the streetwear juggernaut have included such home accessories as a high-end audio speaker, an overtly branded red hatchet and a set of airtight glass storage jars — and box logo-loving men are keeping these items on display in their apartments in lieu of typical decor. “I’m pretty sure that every dude I’ve ever dated has had at least a Supreme ashtray in their apartment,” says Elysia Berman, a 29-year-old art director who lives in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. “It’s a semi-accessible signifier that you’re ‘cool,’ like a step up from shitty posters.” Read more at Fashionista.