How The Intrepid Traveler Inspired This Season’s Go-To Menswear Trend

by MR Magazine Staff

When the super-brand Prada sent models out on to the catwalk for its spring/summer presentation wearing outfits that wouldn’t look entirely out of place on a hiking exhibition – think rucksacks, shorts and socks worn with velcro-fastening sandals – it was pretty clear that the coming season was almost definitely aimed at the outdoorsy type. And when some of the above outfits were then finished off with oversized wind cheaters made from tear resistant nylon, harking back to the nylon bags that helped to make the labels name in the 1990s, you were left in little doubt that the ideas of travel and exploration were having a moment. Of course, for you and me the issue here is how to wear this hiking inspired kit on a daily basis, especially if you’re the sort of man who’d have trouble locating the compass on his smartphone, let alone set off on a trekking adventure in the Brecon Beacons. At best you generally only ever find yourself trying to navigate the daily hell of a rush hour commute to work but at least if you wear your billowing raincoats over, say, a jazzy printed shirt you’ll be doing so in style. Read more at The Independent.