IRL Stores Are Doing It For The ’Gram

by MR Magazine Staff

A Calvin Klein sports bra over some camouflage cargo pants; a black crop top paired with high-waisted tropical shorts; wide-leg gray trousers and a white tank top accessorized with black platform sneakers. All of these outfits float at varying levels above unfinished wooden podiums, which are decoupaged with black, newspaper-like print. You can’t make out any of the words, but it doesn’t matter — you know exactly where and what this is. It’s an Urban Outfitters storefront, and it has 126 comments and more than 85,000 likes. It is one of the most engaged-with posts on the brand’s Instagram, and it’s nothing new. Taking a picture of a storefront might seem like a waste of the breadth social media offers. Why capture something that can be visited by anybody at any time? Perhaps because unlike seeing an outfit on a model, seeing a gaggle of headless, limbless figures sporting the perfect boho-athleisure look triggers a need to shop. Photos like this remind people just how lovely being in an Urban Outfitters or American Eagle is. Read more at Racked.