Is Amazon On A Collision Course With The Government?

by MR Magazine Staff

Last fall, as Virginia’s state economic development agency pitched a plan to legislators for Amazon to place a second headquarters in the state, officials highlighted risks that could derail the project. Second on the list, in a presentation made by the state agency, was the e-commerce giant’s exposure to possible antitrust litigation. At the time, aside from the odd presidential tweet about Amazon being a monopoly, there was no sign that the company faced imminent legal heat over its exploding footprint and competitive practices. For years, the company seemed insulated from laws focused on breaking up destructive monopolies, thanks in part to the e-tailer’s reputation for low prices and happy customers. Critics calling for more scrutiny of Amazon’s market power and that of other big tech companies were derided on Twitter as part of the “hipster antitrust” movement. Read more at Retail Dive.