Is It Time For Guys To Embrace ‘Sexy’ Fashion?

by MR Magazine Staff

It’s time to talk about sex—not in the conventional manner, but in a style sense. At the moment, men’s fashion and the new-age trope of ‘feeling yourself’ are two concepts becoming increasingly intertwined.

As we know, it’s not uncommon for women’s clothing to show off the body underneath, from short skirts to see-through cutouts that give way to bare skin. In the menswear realm, it’s always been far less of a thing; the vast majority of guys are less accustomed to clothes that incorporate sneak peeks of the body. Until recently, the pop-culture poster child for men who dress ‘sexy’ would probably be Richard Gere’s Armani-clad escort in American Gigolo, who was at the end of the day, still just a very ripped guy who wore great suits. Ream more at GQ Australia.