Is The U.S. Recovery Approaching Its Peak?

Bolstered by strong data, investors are expressing plenty of faith in the power of the global economic recovery. But what if this spring is as good as it gets? What’s happening: Goldman Sachs analysts predict that U.S. economic growth will slow after the April-to-June period this year. Meanwhile, Covid-19 infections are rising dramatically in crucial economies like India, forcing local officials to enact new lockdown measures, while recent figures from China indicate that its recovery could be losing steam. In a note to clients this week, Goldman Sachs said that the U.S. expansion “is peaking.” The investment bank’s economists predict the country’s economy will grow at a 10.5% annual rate this quarter, its strongest increase since 1978 (outside the unusual third quarter of 2020, when activity boomed after cratering during lockdowns). Read more at CNN Business.