by Stephen Garner

19051_BG_ISA_04C_15_0109_RGBNew York City-based brand Isaora has partnered with upscale full-service health club Equinox to carry its activewear line. Equinox will sell the collection in 17 EquinoxShop locations within the U.S., including spaces in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and San Francisco. Equinox will be the only brick and mortar retailer to house the collection.

Prior to this partnership, Isaora’s activewear was primarily offered on their website in line with their direct to consumer sales model. Equinox will therefore be the first and only brick-and-mortar retailer to house the collection.

“We’ve been looking for a retail partner that marries an active lifestyle with a progressive customer relationship and Equinox is truly a best in class establishment. What impressed us most about Equinox is their forward thinking mentality,” said Marc Daniels, co-founder of Isaora in a statement. “Over the summer they released a set of challenges #EQXGoldRush around New York and we thought it was really genius. They took the gym outside of the gym and created these incredibly difficult challenges that anyone could participate in over the course of a few months. We worked with them on a line of custom outfits for the event. By the end of the project, we knew that Equinox was the perfect partner for Isaora.”

This partnership is the first step to a much broader relationship between the two companies that will include a pop-up shop at Equinox’s 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue location in New York City to introduce Isaora’s winter collection.