by John Russel Jones

One of the world’s most prestigious neckwear brands, Italo Ferretti, collaborates with Defense Servizi S.p.A. on the creation of a new line of formal accessories for the police brand. The Italian State Police has added new elements to its collection of clothing and accessories and chosen Italo Ferretti as the official licensee authorized by the Department of Public Security for making police branded ties.

Since 1852, the men and women of the State Police have been at the service of Italy’s citizens and democratic institutions with the task of guaranteeing public order and safety and of providing for the prevention and repression of crimes. This project includes two collections: l’Aquila (the Eagle) and La Pantera (the Panther). L’Aquila is a symbol of strength, honor, authority, and courage. La Pantera, which was always a symbol of the flying squad, represents the constant garrison of safety and proximity for the whole national territory.

All products can be purchased at They are designed to be worn by anyone who loves the brand’s style and supports its values. All products are equipped with an authenticity card and a single hologram, which distinguishes them from counterfeit articles.