“It’s A Bit Of A Red Herring When ‘Sustainability’ Is Cheap”

A former Lanvin, Dunhill and Drake’s staffer, Luke Walker liked working within a big fashion machine and was never especially keen on starting his own thing. But now, as his shirt-centric (but not shirt-exclusive) brand of menswear gathers pace and adulation, it seems his decision to launch LEJ was prudent. It’s a simple premise, really. The super high-quality construction you’d normally see in tailoring and shirting, used in much sexier, insouciant-ier garments. Clothing from LEJ is the perfect brand for now – one that allows you to rediscover the joy of “dressing up” without having to endure the fuss of proper smart clothing. It’s seriously soigné, well-made stuff that doesn’t take itself too seriously, essentially. We got on a Zoom with Walker to discuss, among other things, the power of social media, the challenges of sustainable messaging and the ubiquity of overshirts. Read more at Esquire.