It’s time to reconsider the shirt collar

It might be hard to imagine getting remotely excited about shirt collars, but lately this menswear detail has had it all going on. They’ve been stern and high on the Hermès runway, and on Pedro Pascal at the Oscars. Super pointy and detachable on Riz Ahmed at the Oscars and Kodi Smit-McPhee at the Met Gala, both wearing Prada. Super-oversized, as seen in the latest Jacquemus campaign, and pinned with brooches by Robert Pattinson and Usher at the Met Gala. They’ve been swapped out for mock-necks and roll-necks, or pussy bows (Jason Fernández at Cannes or Eddie Redmayne at the Screen Actors Guild awards, both in Saint Laurent). There have also been necklaces or loosely knotted scarves in place of ties. In short: male necklines are suddenly a smorgasbord of possibilities. Read more at Financial Times