How J.J. Watt Became A Tom Ford Aficionado

by MR Magazine Staff

J. J. Watt, the fierce defensive end for the Houston Texans, has picked up a few high fashion pieces since he became a standout in the National Football League in 2011. Before undergoing back surgery in July (he could be on the field for Week 1 of the new season), Mr. Watt, 27, took us through his favorite wardrobe items. If I’m going out at night, it’s going to be a button-down. But it’s insanely hot in Houston, and I’m a big guy to start with. It’s so easy to start sweating even just going from the house to the car and the car to the restaurant. I wear Mizzen & Main shirts. They’re light and easy to clean. I was able to wear it right off the rack, which is extremely rare for me. I wore it and liked it so much, I called up the company and asked how I could get involved. Now I’m an investor. Guys in the league are very into fashion, especially on game days. There’s a lot of comparing suits and guys checking out what others are wearing. When I first started, I tried some more-outlandish stuff. But I’ve been in the league five years, and I’m doing clean and classy now. For game days, I wear a classic navy blue suit that’s custom. It’s almost European tailoring in that it’s slim-fitting. Read more at The New York Times.