by Brian Lipton

J.Lindeberg Waris Ahluwalia

J.Lindeberg has launched “The Bridge Series,” a new advertising campaign that will feature a range of individuals who get the chance to express something meaningful and unique to them. The campaign will consist of six images, with corresponding quotes, and it initially will be on the streets of New York in a wild poster and in the oversized J.Lindeberg SoHo store windows.

The series starts off with a photo of the actor and designer Waris Ahluwalia, who was recently barred by the airline Aeroméxico from boarding a flight from Mexico City because he wouldn’t remove his turban for a security screening on Monday. Ahluwalia’s message is “Step out of the shadow of fear and into the light of love.”

“I’ve always believed that if you are going to spend money to create campaigns, you should also use it to say something meaningful. I’ve had this philosophy throughout my career,” says company founder Johan Lindeberg. “With ‘The Bridge Series’ I wanted to take it to a new dimension. I like to invite people that I admire and feel inspired by and ask them to express their words and thoughts about the world. And it felt natural to start with Waris, who is my best friend.”

The idea behind the series also comes from the J.Lindeberg logo that resembles a bridge. “A bridge is a powerful symbol and a great responsibility. Especially today in this world of turmoil,” says J.Lindeberg owner and CEO Stefan Engström. We want our bridge to stand for modern and democratic values. ‘The Bridge Series’ is an important step for the brand in building a unified lifestyle.”