J.Lindeberg BestRetail
by Stephen Garner

J.Lindeberg BestRetailSwedish fashion brand J.Lindeberg, predominately known for its men’s and women’s fashion and golf apparel and accessories, reports that it had more than doubled its online business in 2015 and is on pace for similar results for fiscal 2016.

“Our success online has been driven by a series of clear and well-executed strategies starting with a re-platform in summer of 2015,” said Jonas Andersson, president of U.S. Operations for J.Lindeberg continued, “The decision to take control of our own destiny by bringing ecommerce back in-house, hiring a director dedicated to its growth, and partnering with e-commerce solutions provider BestRetail, has proved to be a formula for success.”

For its part, BestRetail’s chief executive officer Michael Penchansky explained, “Working side by side with J.Lindeberg and its team to simplify process and create a holistic in-house strategy supported by our platform, was an absolute pleasure. We were excited about the opportunity and thrilled to see the immediate impact it had on their business.”

For 2017 the brand has its sights set on digital expansion into North and South America. This month, J.Lindeberg launched online in Canada. David Feiner, the brand’s acting director of e-commerce added, “We believe there is a huge opportunity to capture the Canadian market by making our product more accessible, and we see the online channel as a catalyst in that equation. We could not be more optimistic about the recent launch and look forward to quickly expanding into these new territories”.

The brand expects to continue its growth with plans to increase its online revenue by more than 100 percent by 2018. Andersson further outlines his intentions stating that “in my opinion we have barely begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible for J.Lindeberg in the Americas, specifically online. We remain focused and committed to fueling our growth in this digital world, partnering with BestRetail and investing in valuable tools such as our email marketing programs via Listrak.”