Jack Mitchell’s Revised and Updated Hug Your Customers is Now Available

by MR Magazine Staff


Hug Your Customers, Jack Mitchell’s classic best-selling book about how to deliver extraordinary customer service, is being re-launched in an updated edition by Hachette Books. Mitchell is the chairman of the Mitchells Family of Stores, five of the most successful clothing stores in the business, and a prominent author and speaker on customer service and selling.

The book has sold more than 200,000 copies around the world since its original publication in 2003. In it, Mitchell shares how his family-owned business cultivates astonishing customer loyalty through a deceptively simple business philosophy based on “hugs” — personal touches that impress and satisfy the customer. The new version adds fresh material on how to sell over the Internet in a personalized way, and how the Mitchells acquired Marshs in Long Island in 2005, survived the 2008 recession, and hugged their way across the country to purchase Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco and Palo Alto in 2009.

Jack-Mitchell-244x300Says Mitchell, “Since the book’s original publication, I’ve been deeply touched by all the business leaders around the world, from every imaginable industry, who have wanted to learn about our hugging culture. By now, I’ve delivered more than 215 hugging speeches to the likes of Nike, Wells Fargo, Pitney Bowes, Columbia and Wesleyan Universities, sharing with them my philosophy for producing extraordinary customer service. I felt our hugging message was relevant in 2003, and I’m as passionate about its relevance today, and for the next 100 years.”

Adds Karen Alberg, editor in chief of MR Magazine, “I loved Hug Your Customers when I first read it years ago, and love the updated version even more. The customer service anecdotes are amazing, and will truly inspire your selling team. But the book is about more than customer service: it will impact and improve relationships in all aspect of your life. It did mine.”