JackThreads Pop-up
by Stephen Garner

JackThreads NewOnline menswear retailer JackThreads, which closed its operations in May, has relaunched its e-commerce site with a limited offering over the weekend.

“JackThreads is back in the hands of some of the original crew that made it special,” a statement says on the brand’s website. “As we rebuild, we wanted to open our digital doors back up a bit early so you can join us on the journey. Please excuse our appearance as we renovate, and know that limited quantities of new gear and exclusive drops will be hitting the site every day!”

After laying off most of its staff earlier this year, the retailer threw in the towel entirely on May 12, shutting down operations with a massive “Farewell Sale.”

Back in February the retailer cut its staff down to a skeleton crew with mass layoffs over a two week time period, and was in discussions to sell the company. The layoffs included much of the customer service staff as well as certain high-ranking employees, which caused several customer service-related complaints on social media.

JackThreads Pop-up

Digital publishing company Thrillist Media had acquired JackThreads in 2010 as part of an attempt to fuse e-commerce with the rest of its lifestyle coverage, but the two split into separate companies in 2015 after raising $54 million in new funding.

Since the separation, multiple reports claimed that it was the company’s reckless spending and unusual customer benefits that contributed to the ailments of the retailer. Its TryOuts program, which let customers order clothes without paying for them, try them on and then only pay for the items they didn’t return – ultimately affected the retailer in a negative way. And, with customer complaints, canceled orders and overdue deliveries taking their toll on customer service and long-term loyalty, the retailer met its demise.

But, since the company has found its way back to some of its “original crew”, we’ll wait and see if JackThreads has learned from its mistakes of yore.