by Stephen Garner

Levi’s has launched its newest campaign today, featuring Hailey Bieber and Jaden Smith.

The campaign, shot by Meritocracy Project’s Karla and Matthew Welch, was originally intended to usher in festival season, but in light of the coronavirus pandemic, Levi’s has chosen to shift the focus to today’s youth.

“Levi’s has always been a symbol of democratic inclusion and youth empowerment, the choice of those daring to push for a better tomorrow,” said Levi’s CMO, Jen Sey. “Levi Strauss himself was the embodiment of this ideal. He left his home in (Bavaria) to seek a better life on the shores of California. He opened a dry goods store and donated the first of his profits to a local orphanage.”

“And as I look at Jaden and Hailey – our friends and partners – I’m so encouraged,” Sey added. “Hailey’s optimism and authenticity are inspiring. Jaden’s commitment to the environment, his passion to educate us on how we can all choose more wisely, more responsibly. They challenge us (as individuals and as a brand) to be our best, they remind me of what it is to be filled with hope. And we all need to remember that right now. It’s never been more important to maintain our collective optimism than it is in the face of this challenge.”

For those interesting in learning more, Bieber, Smith, and Sey will be in conversation on @Levis Instagram Live at 4pm PST today.