Jet’s Cyber Monday Revenue Plummeted 39%

by MR Magazine Staff

Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Walmart and Macy’s were the big online sales winners on Cyber Monday among 10 major retailers, all posting revenue jumps compared to Cyber Monday in 2017. Walmart’s and Sears, however, both saw online revenue decline compared with last year. Kohl’s posted the biggest year-over-year increase, with its Cyber Monday revenue up 42% over last year. Nordstrom was second with a 33% gain from Cyber Monday 2017, while Walmart was up 32% and Macy’s saw its online take increase 30%, according to Edison Trends’ analysis of 3 million email receipts from Cyber Monday sales. Meanwhile, saw its revenue plummet 39% compared with a year ago on Cyber Monday, and Sears posted a 5% drop in its own online revenue, compared to the year before. Amazon’s sales increased by 17%, and all told it captured 72% of Cyber Monday’s online revenue, according to Edison Trends. Read more at Retail Dive.