by Stephen Garner

Designer John Targon has announced that he will be launching on Volume 3 of Fall Risk, his new seasonless lifestyle brand for all genders he debuted in April.

Named by Targon, “Mix ‘Em, Match ‘Em, Flip ‘Em, Stack ‘Em,” Fall Risk Volume 3 is comprised of 100 percent cashmere waffle hook-ups (matching joggers and hoodies) offered in black/purple and turquoise/yellow (the latter was worn by Gigi Hadid on her recent trip to Mykonos). Tops and bottoms will retail respectively for $395. Each of the four items is limited to 50 units.

Fall Risk Volume 3 will be available for purchase on Saturday, August 17th via the brand’s 212-982-RISK hotline, at, and at the Communitie Marfa and the Communitie East (the latter in Amagansett/East Hampton) boutiques. To celebrate the launch, Targon will be hosting an event at Communitie East on Saturday, August 17th from 2:00 to 6:00 PM.

With Fall Risk, Targon seeks to create pieces that don’t require a lot of thought to be worn and can carry-over from volume to volume. “I like the idea of viewing it as a go-together game with only one rule: everything matches,” said Targon. “I’m thrilled to offer luxurious cashmere for everyday activities. Mix ‘Em, Match ‘Em, Flip ‘Em, Stack ‘Em… but do it with confidence. Fall Risk Volume 3 will allow you to add some texture to your closet, will offer you a seamless transition into autumn, and is perfect for that authentic cozy feeling you crave.”

The cashmere hook-ups are made with premium, all-natural fibers that are spun into an ultra-soft and breathable yarn. Targon worked closely with knitwear experts to engineer specialized stitches that are the optimal tension and size to best showcase the natural sheen, extremely soft touch, and rich color of the items.

Targon added, “The yarn was so precious to us that there was no cutting involved with production. A single strand of yarn was used in each panel of the garment, knit into the exact shape and fit, achieving almost zero waste. The result is a textured, buttery fabric that is voluminous and plush. We created a modern, large-scale version of a traditional 3-D waffle technique that is both durable and super comfortable. Your purchase supports our love for quality craftsmanship and zero waste.”

Images by Dario Castillo