by Stephen Garner

Johnnie-O has launched a creative social media campaign to bolster product awareness around the lifestyle apparel company’s “Tweener Button.”

The Tweener Button, designed by founder John O’Donnell, is a small button, hidden in the placket between the second and third buttons on a men’s sport shirt. The Tweener Button offers the perfect middle place for every man’s everyday dressing dilemma: to look too uptight and buttoned up or too exposed and casual.

“The Right Amount of Wolf” campaign concept, which was developed by Los Angeles-based agency Ignited, features a story line following an attractive female character and her impressions of three different men at a bar. One man is wearing a shirt buttoned too low showing “Too Much Wolf,” one male has his shirt buttoned too high showing “Too Little Wolf,” and one man gets it just right in a Johnnie-O button down shirt featuring the Tweener Button. This character shows the “Right Amount of Wolf” and ultimately, gets the girl.

“We think that we can start a new everyday vernacular with this campaign, our first real creative initiative,” said O’Donnell. “Every man deals with the second-button dilemma when getting dressed.  The decision about how many buttons to do on a shirt is part of a man’s first impression. We are finally bringing attention to a menswear issue that has challenged men – and even women – forever!”