How Johnny Depp And A Slew Of Celebs Made Moscot’s Lemtosh Frames Famous

by MR Magazine Staff

A few years ago, a customer walked into the Moscot eyeglasses shop on West 14th Street in New York with an interesting story. The man had just returned from St. Tropez, where he’d spotted Johnny Depp in a cafe, and (somewhat rudely) approached the star to ask what glasses he was wearing. Depp, annoyed, took off his frames and tossed them on the table. And there it was, printed right on the inside of the acetate arm: Lemtosh. When Moscot’s chief designer Zachary Moscot heard this story, he wasn’t surprise—though he was amused. As the fifth generation Moscot to helm the legendary New York eyewear brand and store, Zack will tell you that these frames have been a best-seller for over half a century. That said, however, “Lemtosh has been renowned ever since Johnny Depp started wearing them,” Moscot added. Read more at Adweek.