Just How Bad Is NYFW For The Environment? A New CFDA Report Tries To Find Out

Just because Covid-19 has come onto the scene doesn’t mean that people have forgotten about the other looming crisis facing humanity: climate change. In fact, according to one Yale study, Americans are as interested in it as ever. Against that backdrop, it makes sense that CFDA is releasing its first-ever report on the state of sustainability at New York Fashion Week on Thursday (despite the fact that the pandemic altered the Spring 2021 season in about a million different ways). The report, which was first announced in February, is the result of a partnership with Boston Consulting Group to assess the environmental impact of NYFW. “We recognize that making NYFW more sustainable is but a mere drop in the bucket compared to the fashion industry as a whole; but it can serve as a bellwether for changes,” said Sarah Willersdorf, BCG’s global head of luxury, in a press release. “Sustainability is not a nice-to-have anymore. It is essential both for our planet and for the long term prosperity of the fashion industry.” Read more at Fashionista.