Retrosuperfuture x K-Way
by Stephen Garner
Retrosuperfuture x K-Way

K-Way has teamed up with Retrosuperfuture on a new eyewear project that fills the gap between sportswear and urban style.

For this collaboration, the well-known eyewear company has customized one of its signature shapes – the Racer – to highlight the new co-branding with K-Way.

As a silhouette designed to fill the gap between sportswear and urban style, the Racer features a sharp straight brow-line, keyhole nose-bridge, and wide rounded lenses. For this partnership, Racer is released in an electric crystal blue bio acetate with matching technical blue lenses.

The frame is entirely built from Biocell acetate, a new and improved acetate whose main characteristic is biodegradability which, measured according to ISO 14855-1-2005, is higher than 90 percent. The physical and mechanical characteristics of this formula make it particularly suitable for eyewear.

The frames mount semi-flat base two cobalt blue Zeiss lenses with Flash Electric finish. The electric blue lenses provide heavy protection against harmful UV and IR radiation, reducing general brightness, especially yellow light both indoors and outdoors. Simultaneously helping to see contours and for a high-performance during sunset, foggy, or snowy weather conditions. Zeiss’ signature Flash Electric mirror coating provides additional light-reflecting properties.

The limited eyewear is now available through Retrosuperfuture and K-Way channels.

Retrosuperfuture x K-Way