Kanye West’s Latest Pitch to Gap Includes Fashion Shows, $20 Tees

Over the last few months, the collaboration between Ye—the artist and fashion iconoclast formerly known as Kanye West—and the Gap seemed to find its creative and commercial footing. In July, the first of many long-promised Yeezy Gap stores opened in Times Square. Ye is a master of creating viral visual and social spectacles, and this was no exception: the mobs of customers who lined up outside to finally buy Yeezy Gap in person found that the clothes were stocked not on racks but in large heaping bags on the floor, like a by-the-pound thrift shop. Convenient? Maybe not. Cool and buzzy as hell? Totally. The drop was, even more excitingly, engineered by Balenciaga, in a novel arrangement with the house’s boundary-breaking creative director Demna. Read more at GQ