Kevin Bacon On The Three G’s Of Being A Leading Man

by MR Magazine Staff

The afternoon that Kevin Bacon has planned for the two of us sounds like something out of a Nora Ephron film. We meet in the marbled lobby of his apartment building on Central Park West, where a friendly doorman tips his cap as we leave, take a long amble through Central Park, down a path where Bacon knows the cherry blossoms are in bloom, and end up drinking dirty martinis at the Leopard—the white-tablecloth revamp of Café des Artistes, which served the likes of Marcel Duchamp and Rudolph Valentino. It’s all so classic, so swoony, rat-a-tat olde New York, that I start to wonder if Bacon and Ephron ever worked together. They never did, but according to The Oracle of Bacon, a clunky GeoCities-esque website that has, since 1996, been calculating the actor’s arterial connections with other actors in Hollywood, they are only three degrees apart (one chain has Carrie Fisher and Meg Ryan in between). Read more at GQ.