Kim Jones On Curating For Sotheby’s, Collecting, And Christian Dior

It’s a good thing that a picture is worth a thousand words, because Kim Jones would prefer to let his work, and taste, speak for itself. “I guess I seem quite outgoing, but actually I’m quite a shy person,” said the designer in a recent call. Reticence is but one point of commonality Jones has discovered with Monsieur Dior; a love of nature and art are two more. Before Christian Dior became a couturier, he was a gallerist. Now Jones is following in his footsteps, having been chosen to participate in Sotheby’s Contemporary Curated sale in New York by making a selection of his favorite pieces from among all of the lots. Think of it as a capsule exhibition within a larger one—and a chance to look at art through the discerning designer’s eyes. Vogue is the first to reveal the pieces Jones settled on, which range from an Alexander Calder brooch from 1938 to Nick Cave’s Hustle Coat of 2017. Read more at Vogue.