Kim jones thinks it’s time to retire the term “streetwear”

by MR Magazine Staff

Kim Jones is heralded as one of the world’s most prescient designers, having melded the worlds of eminently casual sportswear with high-end fashion in his time at Louis Vuitton. Now artistic director at Dior Men’s, his recent appointment demonstrates why it may finally be time to retire the term “streetwear.” Every great label lives in the shadow of its founder. At Dior’s most recent menswear show, presented in the barracks of Paris’ horseback cavalry, la Garde républicaine, that fact is writ large. Kim Jones, the newly minted menswear artistic director of the fashion house, commissioned artist Brian Donnelly — better known as KAWS — to lend his street art stylings to Dior for the season. One of KAWS’ contributions is a 10-meter tall floral statue of the house’s founder, Christian Dior. Read more at Highsnobiety.