by Stephen Garner

Knickerbocker has launched a new special capsule collection with Kodak. In combining the worlds of Knickerbocker and Kodak, the capsule collection aims to capture and celebrate the two brands through a unique lens.

Knickerbocker’s creative director Andrew Livingston began to conceptualize the collection by first exploring Kodak’s incredibly rich archive – combing through thousands of clippings, ads, and Kodak Magazines. Through his research, Knickerbocker came to understand the importance of capturing a Kodak Moment comes from the company’s deep appreciation of culture and its passion for immortalizing the important moments in one’s life.

The asset-rich Kodak archives provided an array of slogans, imagery, and illustrations from which to design a capsule collection. The resulting line features some of Knickerbocker’s most beloved styles mixed with some exclusive silhouettes that combine the brand’s modern fashion sensibility with a photographer’s need for utility.

The Knickerbocker x Kodak capsule collection, which retails between $45 and $250, is now available online at and will be available at the Knickerbocker Flagship located at 357 Canal Street on June 23rd.