by Stephen Garner

Custom clothing company Knot Standard has introduced a new concept for the industry: The Knot Standard Stylist Store. It will enable a fully-virtual showroom experience for new and existing clients, through a personalized wardrobe and recommendation portal accessible via web and mobile sites.

The launch signals further online innovation for the brand, as they continue to evolve the custom experience through its in-person AI-powered Style Wall, remote Digital Measuring App, and now an entirely virtual shopping experience.

The new Digital Store is the bridge between the company’s physical showroom presence, and as an online retail brand. It is also, in part, a return to the brand’s online-only origin, and allows Knot Standard to replicate its in-person specialized experience in order to show clients a full order history of previous custom purchases. The Digital Store will enable a direct line of communication between clients and their Style Advisor, an array of personalized features and new product offerings, and an easy way for clients to track products and orders, all in one convenient place.

“For half a decade, Knot Standard has used our extensive design and fitting datasets to power the most advanced custom menswear experience available, and to build unrivaled relationships with our clients,” said Matthew Mueller, president and co-founder of Knot Standard. “Now, for the first time, we are able to deliver that entire experience online. From our Digital Measuring App and Virtual Appointments, to QR-coded products and daily wardrobe advice from a personal Style Advisor–everything we offer is seamlessly available to any client, anywhere in the world.”

The brand looks at this as the logical next step into the future of digital shopping, and believes it will create a more streamlined experience for existing clients, and create more appeal for prospective clients all over the world. Knot Standard will be utilizing the new Digital Store online, to facilitate the appointments in its brick-and-mortar showrooms, and to simplify shopping within its new physical Digital Studio concept spaces. Knot Standard will continue to add functionality and new features to its Digital Store as they test and learn from clients and their Style Advisors.