by John Russel Jones

Interiors and design company Kohler has announced a multi-faceted creative endeavor with sculptor Daniel Arsham and lifestyle apparel brand Malbon Golf. The collaboration includes six public-facing, large-scale sculptures by Arsham at the Kohler resort property (a private luxury guest cabin with scenic views of Lake Michigan), a new bathroom collection called Landshapes (also designed by Arsham), and a merchandise collection designed in collaboration with Malbon. The three brands are passionate about encouraging a diverse audience to access new experiences and gain unique perspectives.

“Kohler is honored to partner with Arsham and Malbon, two creative forces that share our passion for bold ideas and immersive experiences. We thoroughly embrace and enjoy the creative process – not only as an outlet for innovation but also as an ethos of presenting new possibilities in design,” said David Kohler, Chair and CEO of Kohler Co.

“Incorporating my sculptures into the golf landscape will hopefully spark conversation about creative expression and golf in a whole new way,” said Daniel Arsham. “There is a kind of artistic, architectural, even sculptural proposition that’s inherent in the game of golf, where you end up playing against the creator of the course itself. We created an atmosphere where unexpected wonders emerge out of the blue, offering moments of surprise and beckoning guests and the community to explore our world from a new perspective.”

The Arsham Cabin

The Arsham Cabin, part of the Kohler Cabin Collection, can be reserved by resort guests and features the sculptor’s Landshapes bathroom collection. The Cabin was designed to allow guests to experience the world of Arsham as he incorporated elements he uses in his home. The stylish space integrates his furniture and art to create a holistic experience while elevating the bathroom elements with Landshapes. The Arsham Cabin includes custom amenities and a pantry stocked with Arsham’s favorite things for an immersive guest experience.

Arsham In Kohler Sculptures

Arsham in Kohler allows guests to immerse themselves through Arsham’s perspective as they experience six large-scale sculptures placed throughout Destination Kohler’s property, including Kohler’s acclaimed championship golf courses. Integrating sculptures into the golf courses was a shared vision of both David Kohler and Arsham. Arsham took his own interest in the design of the courses to create the six sculptures strategically positioned throughout the landscape.

Merchandise Collection In Collaboration With Malbon Golf

Also debuting is a clothing and accessories collection with lifestyle golf apparel brand Malbon. Known for his functional, comfortable, and stylish golf apparel, Stephen Malbon created a unique collection with Arsham that incorporated the finest elements of Malbon with Arsham’s design. The collection includes a polo, tee, hoodie, vest, hat in two colorways, towel, club cover, divot tool, and golf ball, available for purchase on-site and online.

Landshapes Bathroom Collection

Arsham’s bathroom collection, Landshapes, draws inspiration from nature and his signature water droplets, chiseled masses, and amorphic forms. The collection features a freestanding tub, a vessel sink, decorative glass faucet handles, Kohler’s Veil Smart toilet, organically shaped mirrors, lighting, and KOHLER WasteLAB tiles. The Landshapes collection is featured in the Arsham Cabin with a commercial launch set for later this year.

To learn more, please visit malbongolf.com or follow on Instagram at @malbongolf.

Photos by Daniel Prakopcyk, courtesy of Kohler.