Kohl’s, Facebook And A Sad Story

by MR Magazine Staff

On Tuesday, Kohl’s announced a partnership with Facebook to use the social media giant’s consumer information to select a merchandising assortment. The assortment, featuring new or unknown brands, is entitled “Curated by Kohl’s,” and is part of CEO Michelle Gass’s efforts to enhance Kohl’s relevance with younger consumers. Kohl’s plan for its execution—and how it contrasts with Macy’s Story concept—is another example that the mindset of legacy retail executives may be holding them back in today’s market. The “Curated by Kohl’s” assortment will launch in-store and digitally in 2020. While marketers have used Facebook’s customer data to reach target consumers for years and actively use the platforms to sell their products today, partnering directly with the platform to identify up-and-coming brands to include in an assortment is new. Read more at Forbes.