L.L. Bean’s Fenway Boots

by Harry Sheff

L.L. Bean is creating 100 pairs of its classic Bean Boots with the uppers made from pieces of Fenway Park’s rain delay tarp from the Boston Red Sox’s 2012 season. As both L.L. Bean and the famous baseball stadium started in 1912, it’s fitting (if slightly unconventional) 100th anniversary tribute. And Leon Leonwood Bean was actually a Red Sox season ticket holder way back when.

LLBean Fenway Boots

The boots can’t just be bought though—fans have to post their favorite Red Sox moments on L.L. Bean’s Facebook page to get in the random drawing, which will be held on October 20. The company will announce other ways to win via its Twitter feed. Winners will have the boots custom made for them at the L.L. Bean factory in Brunswick, Maine.

“This project brings together two of L.L.’s favorite things: Bean Boots and baseball,” said chief marketing officer Steve Fuller. “As a season ticket holder, L.L. loved the Red Sox and he would be delighted to see the Fenway tarp put to use in a way that fans can enjoy.”

100th Anniversary Fenway tarp

This isn’t the first L.L. Bean product made from the Fenway tarp. Last year the company sold 2,012 tote bags ($59.99 each) made from pieces of the tarp.

The Bean Boot, which was originally called the Maine Hunting Shoe, was L.L. Bean’s first—and for a time, only—product when the company started in Freeport, Maine in 1912.