Lacoste begins reopening its u.s. stores

by Stephen Garner

Lacoste has begun to reopen its U.S. boutique and outlet locations by implementing its new operational guidelines. Eight locations throughout Texas were the first locations of the rollout reopening on May 8th, followed by additional stores in Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio on May 15th. Additional locations will reopen as local mandates allow.

Each boutique and outlet will follow a rigorous cleaning and disinfecting process prior to opening the store and also mid-day of operation. These new safety measures will include the hiring of a third-party professional cleaning service, checking and cleaning HVAC systems, and disinfecting dressing rooms and payment terminals before and after each customer. All retail locations will be well-equipped with protective masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, thermometers, soap, and paper towels on hand.

Lacoste will be first-to-market with real-time data around their health and safety initiatives with tech company YOOBIC. Customers will be able to scan QR codes within the retail stores that will provide them with live updates on how many times and when the retail store was last professionally cleaned and sanitized, as well as the store’s current capacity so it does not exceed its threshold. It will also provide customers information on masks and sanitizer that will be available in-store and complimentary to them, what steps the store is taking to maintain its cleanliness, and reminders to take the necessary precautions when inside. Lacoste hopes this new level of transparency will build continued trust with its customer to provide a reassuring and safe experience.

In-store signage will be displayed prominently throughout the retail environment journey – from the entrance, to the fitting rooms, and cashier – and details outlining its new safety and health procedures. There is also an opportunity for customers to interact and learn more about the brand, like how the iconic L.12.12 polo is made, by scanning QR codes placed on tape spaced 6 feet apart in front of the cash wrap as they wait to check out with their purchase.

For customers looking for an alternative to shopping at physical retail locations, Lacoste will introduce a new concept called “Street & Collect,” which allows curbside pickup at their nearest boutiques for orders placed on Customers can also scan the QR code placed on the storefront’s window giving them visibility into the retail store’s stock on hand. Once the customer completes their order it is fulfilled by the store associate and will be delivered to the customer outside the store, on the street, or to their vehicle.

For Lacoste VIP customers only, Lacoste will be rolling out a new service called “Croco Concierge”, where VIP customers can receive virtual face-to-face personal shopping through video calls, booking an appointment time to shop before the store opens to the public.