by John Russel Jones

I’ll admit it. When I was in high school, I was that geeky kid who would ride my bike to the next town so that I could buy my fresh copy of GQ, and — especially around this time of year — lug it back home because it was so full of ads it was like adding another ten pounds to my frame. (Cue up “Those were the days, my friend….”) Once opened, it always felt just as indulgent to leaf through the brand-curated advertising creative as it did to dig into the editorial guts of the magazine itself. Guess that’s why I’ve spent half of my career on the editorial side of the desk and half on the promotional.

The magazines aren’t as thick as they once were — if they’re even in print at all — but brands with budget are still pumping out gorgeous campaigns to pull in all those consumer eyeballs in whatever media they can. Here are just a few with beautiful imagery to share…feel free to jump on your Peloton to get the full effect.

The winter 2022-2023 men’s line explores Dior’s heritage, reinterpreting it through the prism of modernity. Kim jones has initiated a fascinating conversation with Christian Dior, presenting a collection that transcends the boundaries of time. The creations generated by this unprecedented dialogue are revealed in this poetic campaign, which celebrates the spirit of Paris and the love of French fashion.
The images captured by Rafael Pavarotti reveal a dreamlike setting, echoing the show’s set, which features the Alexandre-III bridge – a symbol of the meeting between past, present and future. A picture evoking a romantic reverie upon which silhouettes are drawn, combining the formal with the informal, tailoring with sportswear, style with functionality.
A tribute to the house’s legacy, this series of photographs defies the flow of time so as to be more firmly anchored in the present than ever before.

The brand’s Autumn Winter 2022 campaign is dubbed “Uniform.”
“This collection is a return to a certain discipline and tradition, yet there is always a simultaneous sense of British subversion within what we do and in the person who might wear Dunhill. I wanted to represent that here,” says creative director Mark Weston.

Shot in Belgravia by Scott Gallagher, the decadent Regency-style interiors form a backdrop for the collection.


Bonobos introduces its Fall 2022 campaign with celebrated actor, comedian, and producer, Nick Kroll. In an homage to television programming of yesteryear, the viewer follows Kroll as he finds himself (barely) breaking a sweat in a fitness/workout infomercial, answering tough questions from a surprisingly familiar talk show host, and even posing in some steamy late-night programming – viewers can text the number in the spot for a fun surprise, too!

Kroll is known for co-creating, producing, and performing in Netflix’s animated series “Big Mouth”, co-starring in Broadway show, “Oh, Hello” and being featured in Olivia Wilde’s upcoming film, “Don’t Worry Darling.”

“Bonobos has always been and will always be focused on finding your best fit,” says David Sasson, Chief Operating Officer at Bonobos. “Our campaign showcases the jolt of joy and confidence you feel when you not only look good but also fit well in the clothes you wear, and our friend Nick certainly emulates that energy.”

The campaign will run digitally on web, social media, and paid social, through linear TV and OTT and will be featured prominently in Bonobos Guideshop locations across the United States from September 6 through mid-November. The creative concept was developed and produced in partnership with Transport New York.

The campaign was directed by Kathy Fusco and produced by Hungry Man with Executive Creative Director Andy Gray, Art Director Justin Solitrin, and Writer Rob Turbovsky.
Other crew includes DP: Shawn Kim, Production Designer: Zach Mathews, Editor: RJ Buckley, Stylist: George McCracken, Casting: Nina Day, and Groomer: Sydney Sollod Choreographer: Jennifer Hamilton Studio: Thunder Studios.