Lawsuit Accuses The Italian Fashion House Etro Of Discrimination

by MR Magazine Staff

A former employee of the Italian fashion house Etro, a family-owned brand known for its lush textiles and boho deluxe aesthetic, filed a lawsuit against the company and its leadership this week that says they have discriminated against employees on the basis of race, gender and age for more than two decades. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in New York State Supreme Court by Kim Weiner, who spent about 25 years at Etro and performed various functions for the company, including a significant amount of work on human resources issues. The lawsuit said she was fired in late June after taking a stand against the company’s biased practices. The suit comes as the fashion world undergoes a period of self-examination in response to models’ allegations of sexual harassment by prominent photographers, as well as reports that reveal a dearth of female executives at the top of fashion brands. Read more at The New York Times.