Let’s Face It, The Tie Is Dead

by MR Magazine Staff

When Prince Harry turned up this June at a military event in England, something was off — literally. Ivor Anderson, a 91-year-old D-Day veteran, was quick to point it out, playfully snapping at the 31-year-old royal, “Where’s your bloody tie?” It made for a fun headline, though few, if any, considered the prince’s choice to sport a suit with no neckwear an actual faux pas — and in fact, the laid-back look reflects a changing sartorial standard in menswear. Neckties are increasingly absent on fashion runways, even those of classic brands such as Giorgio Armani; on red carpets, many style-minded celebrities prefer to pair tailoring with tees and open-neck shirts; even President Obama has famously turned the Oval Office into a tie-optional zone. Is the necktie finally dead? Read more at New York Post.