by Stephen Garner

Levi’s once again teams up with Beams for its second capsule collection.

Called “Half & Half,” the team pays respect to Levi’s heritage and design by combining its beloved icons in bold new ways. The ‘Half & Half’ Trucker Jacket, combines two halves of iconic Levi’s Trucker Jackets: the 1936 Type I model, the precursor of workwear that was much-loved as an unofficial uniform by the laborers of the time, and the Type III model, which served as the template for the contemporary version with side adjusters at the waist and copper shank buttons on the chest placket.

The ‘Half & Half’ Jean, merges the 1937 model 501, with its signature cinch buckle and single-needle machined arcuate stitching on the back pockets, and the 1993 501 design, which is a throwback to the slouchy 1990s fit. The ‘Half & Half’ graphic t-shirt, combines Levi’s and Beams red and orange brand colors, one on each half of the shirt.

Each side of the ‘Half & Half’ Trucker Jacket and ‘Half & Half’ Jean is made not only from different design models but with different types of rinse wash denim fabric.

Last year, Levi’s and Beams debuted the ‘Inside Out’ collection, receiving widespread acclaim for its innovation and design. True to its name, each piece in the collection was sewn inside out so that the denim’s red selvedge was on the outside highlighting the craftmanship and design of the denim. In addition, the Levi’s Red Tab featured a reversed “Big-E L tab”.

The new Levi’s x Beams ‘Half & Half’ collection is now available on the Levi’s App and in select Levi’s doors.