by MR Magazine Staff

Sports retailer Lids is honoring three historic Black sports organizations through a first-ever retail partnership with The Negro Leagues Museum, Black Fives and Harlem Globetrotters.

Called “They Gave Us Game,” each property’s products in partnership with Lids – including apparel and accessories such as jerseys, caps and shorts – will be sold year-round for the first time in over 700 Lids stores across the U.S. starting February 28, 2022.

Products from each collection are inspired by original vintage details previously worn by pioneering African American players from each of the three sports entities, including their uniforms and team logos. The collections use premium materials and historical patches in a nod to their history. New product collections will be released seasonally moving forward.

Apparel will retail for $80 – $100 and headwear between $31.99 – $39.99

“Lids is proud to partner with these historical properties that not only changed the course of American history but continue to make an immediate impact in sports today,” said Lawrence Berger, Chairman at FanzzLids Holdings and Partner at Ames Watson, the holding company of Lids, in a statement. “This initiative is a monumental moment for Lids and these leagues as customers from all over the country will be able to properly support and celebrate these leagues year-round the way it deserves to be.”

Boasting nearly 2,000 locations, Lids is the largest destination for licensed team headwear and apparel across all major North American leagues and teams, now past and present. “The histories of these three historic sports genres forever changed sports in the U.S. and across the world,” said Britten Maughan, President of Lids. “By ensuring a permanent home for them in hundreds of Lids locations, and more to come, we’re proud to help in the inspirational storytelling our customers and future generations are yearning to hear.”

The first Globetrotters Collection at Lids will honor the legendary Fred “Curly” Neal, who died in March of 2020. Neal played 22 seasons for the Harlem Globetrotters wearing #22. He saw the role of the Globetrotters as entertainers breaking down racial barriers in America by spreading joy and unity. The Globetrotters officially retired his #22 jersey number on February 15, 2008.

A portion of all product proceeds from the collections will go towards Lids Foundation. Lids Foundation will make donations back to these communities that will help impact youth sports.