by John Russel Jones

LifeLabs is a textile innovator with the goal of making meaningful progress in combating the effects of climate change through thermally efficient textiles. The company has launched a cooling T-shirt featuring its CoolLife thermally-transparent Polyethylene fabric that cools body temperature by nearly 3° Fahrenheit, allowing an individual’s body heat to escape rapidly, creating a more effective and efficient cooling effect throughout the day.

The shirts incorporate recycled materials and, by wearing them, individuals experience sustained cooling throughout the day. This allows them to adjust their thermostats by three degrees Fahrenheit which is estimated to save 400lbs of carbon per household per year. This can decrease global greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution over time, by reducing energy usage on a personal and global level. 

“The T-shirt is a quintessential item in every wardrobe so we’re taking the simplicity of the basic T-shirt and re-engineering it into something more,” said Scott Mellin, CEO of LifeLabs. “As temperatures rise, we’ve created the only cooling T-shirt on the planet in a number of styles and colors that will provide unparalleled comfort for any occasion. Our apparel is designed with a practical sensibility and by using fewer materials and reduced energy usage, we’re also supporting a more sustainable lifestyle.”

The company claims that its men’s T-shirts have an instant cool touch value (Qmax) of 0.20 which is 35% cooler than Everlane’s men’s organic cotton T-shirt, 68% cooler than Vuori’s Strato Tech Tee, and 50% cooler than Nike DriFIT long-sleeve training T-shirt. 

The men’s collection includes short- and long-sleeved crewneck tops in neutral black, charcoal gray, cloud gray, and white, as well as altitude (celestial blue), and olive. Made with the fewest seams possible and direct print labels in soft jersey knits, shirts range from $49 – $59 retail.


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