Like a man

by Harry Sheff

What man doesn’t love a stiff drink and a hearty sandwich? Kelly Muccio, owner and creator of Washington D.C.’s Lost Boys knows that’s the way to a man’s heart (and his wallet…). This forward-thinking retailer is known for her out-of-the-box ideas (not to mention her killer styling) and is constantly coming up with cool ways to get men shopping. Her most recent initiative is a collaborative effort with some of D.C.’s most prestigious chefs and mixologists on the Like a Man video series. Muccio explains the concept as three minute mini-documentaries where she meets with the city’s best chefs and mixologists to get the manliest tips in the kitchen and behind the bar. “The men of D.C. trust us with their wardrobe style and now these expert interviews and demonstrations will give guys the opportunity to indulge in all things manly.”

The first in the series is Eat Like a Man, where Bryan Voltaggio (of Bravo’s Top Chef fame) executive chef/owner of Volt Lunchbox shows viewers how to make the manliest sandwich. The sandwich will then be available “off the menu” and as Kelly says “off the record” at his restaurant for a month after the launch. Muccio styles the experts in each episode and will host an event celebrating every release in the Black Room, her private styling studio above the store. The second video will feature Derek Brown, mixologist and owner of the Columbia Room. Muccio hints that the preparation for the manliest cocktail includes a chainsaw! Check back to to see it for yourself.